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Why do we keep our emotions inside?

Today after doing another sky session, I asked myself, why there are so many negative emotions stored deep inside the people I worked with.

And I realized that most of their emotional blocks come from their upbringing, the way they were raised. They were always told not to show their emotions. Always smile and don't let anybody know how you really feel. Emotions are not to be seen and so they are locked up inside you. And you think since you don't let them show, they are gone. But sadly, enough the opposite is the truth. They influence you in every decision you make, and they always come out at the wrong time. They block you from truly living a happy life.

But why is our generation been raised like that?

Usually parents always want the best for their children and so they teach them the beliefs, that they think are the right ones and probably they didn't know better. because those were different times. But often enough they project themselves too much into their children, hoping that they will do better in the things they didn't achieve. And of course, through that, they don't want any outsiders to know when their child or teenager is not feeling that great. So, the child learns early on in order to please mom and dad, I better don't show any emotions at all.

But where does the love towards your child finds a true place of existence? How can you love your child more than anything, but you won't let him or her be true to the feelings and emotions they feel inside them? And then you wonder how your child could develop any kind of illness that is connected to emotional problems. But I don't want to get into that topic to deep today now, because that will fill another post soon.

So, I don't know, if you agree on that with me, but to me it feels like a lot of people are living a lie. Trying to look happy and joyful all the time is a pretty exhausting task. And for what reason. What is so wrong about not feeling cheerful one day and actually allowing yourself to show that to others. And maybe by doing that sometimes, we will have less shity days than before, because we are more truthful to ourselves.

We all know that emotions are our most powerful instrument in creating our future, a future we have always dreamed of. But in order to do that, we must have true positive emotions connected to our positive thought, right?

Now you tell me, how can that work. If you are trained to not show your negative emotions instead always behaving as having only positive emotions. How do we know when we are experiencing a true positive emotion? Make any sense?

So here is how my SkyCoaching work can help you tremendously in your effort to release yourself from negative emotions and start creating your dream future with your true positive emotions added to your powerful positive thoughts. It is making the law of attraction finally come true for you, because you are truly making it happen from within you without your negative blocks.

Imagine how truly cheerful your life could be, if you could let go of all the negative energy inside you, that's been locked up in your emotional body for years. Imagine how easy you will be able to move forward, because you will understand, that life is not hard.

I strongly encourage you to take action and change your life today.

I can do a Sky session via phone or skype, and it works just as good as if you were here in my studio. Check my testimonials. There will be more soon, because everybody is amazed about how good the SkyYourself method works.

With much love to all of you


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