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What do you know about your fears?

Coming from Germany with all that worldwar 2 background in the families and gens, I never thought, that americans would carry such a big load of negative emotions inside them. But when i started thinking about it, why it is that way, I came up with this thought and maybe some of you will agree with me on that.

I think that people growing up in the US are living extremely on the outside, their outer appearance, to always look fabulous to everybody almost like how your front yard always must look great, so that the value of your house stays high and with that of course the whole neighborhood.

But by doing that, the majority of them lives a lie and their subconscious absorbs all that every day, every hour, every minute. And that leads to a huge amount of negative emotions and through that to emotional blockages.

So even if you want to live a happy life, it's heard because of the way you were raised. And of course, this is not just happening in America, but I feel like people in Europe they somehow show more when they are not feeling that cheerful and great inside and through that, they let go off that emotion right there and the stress it could cause them.

So, I feel my vision of teaching hundreds of people a method to free them from their negative emotions, is very well needed and I’m so excited about helping lots of people live a fulfilled and happy life.

Wouldn't you agree, if you could learn a technique, that would help you free yourself and others from all your fear,

wouldn't that be amazing?

Coming back now to my question in my topic: what do you know about your fears? Are you ready to go on a journey?

to happiness and fulfillment in your life yet?

Think about how easy your life will be once you take that step to emotional freedom. It’s all about knowledge

and using that knowledge to help others and the whole world.

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