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The LoveLifePrinciple

Do you love your life?

Do you love your live whether you are poor or rich, healthy or sick, thick or thin, alone or together with someone, working a job or jobless?

By loving your life in every situation that comes along your path of life, you are showing your passion in living at this moment, being present in this very second and looking inside you seeing the beauty of life.

Isn't your life the most amazing and precious gift you ever receive?

Don't we all adore those pics of newborns and see the beauty of life in them.

But instead we are most likely not happy with our lives. We are always searching for something better, something more appealing, just something else then our present situation.

If we are thin, we want to get sexier.

If we are thick, we want to lose weight.

If we are healthy, we still searching.

If we are sick, we put our health into someone else’s hands and don't try to find the root for the problem.

But if we would all really and truly love our life and through that love ourselves, there would be no need to be unhappy. No need for suffering. No need for searching. We would be happy at the present moment and feel the unconditional love for each other. Because to be is our true nature.

We would walk through life with our eyes wide open and would see all the things that need to be changed in order to have a healthy mother earth, that will allow us to keep living in the present moment with love in our hearts.

We would speak up, one by one, when we see uncivilized behavior and cruelty around us. We would step in, when we see someone beating up someone else, even if we don't know the person.

We would encourage everybody around us to start eating less meat, because it is proven not to be healthy for us and it brings a lot of pain over us by how we raise and slaughter the animals, that will provide our meat. Very many illnesses would just disappear, if we would follow that rule.

We would tell people with joint pain, fibromyalgia or other problems caused by being overly acidic, to stop drinking cowmilk and start eating more alkaline foods like vegetables and all kinds of greens. They'll be surprised how fast pain can go away by changing your diet.

But we don't like to move around outside our comfort zone and by changing these habits, we would defiantly have to do that.

I strongly belief everybody has the choice to life his or her life. It is just a matter of perspective and of letting go of old beliefs that we were taught as a child.

On my spiritual path I learned a lot of different techniques how to use the power, that lays inside all of us, to help others. And it made me realize, how easy it is to feel the energy inside us and project it towards others in order to start their healing process and hopefully their spiritual path as well.

I love my life no matter what happens, because that is what living in the present moment is about. I don't stress myself anymore and I'm happy to be able to help others.

To end this blogpost today, I encourage all of you to step out of your made-up comfort zone and start creating your life outside your old beliefs. Experience the lovelifeprinciple and be in balance with your soul, your inner child and your ability to heal all wounds.

Namaste and with you in spirit.


The LoveLovePrinciple

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