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Emotions rule our world

Why are emotions so powerful?

Is that a question that resonates with? Emotions rule our world, our life, day in and day out.

They are with us all the time. We try to hide them most of the time, but that makes everything even worse, because we save them in our subconscious or emotional body. And there they filter every single little decision we are about to make.

If you look up emotions on google, you'll find millions of posts or pages. The neuroscientists also published a lot of literature on that subject.

But why are emotions so powerful?

The reason for that is in our brain. Emotions have a starting point in a gland in our brain and through that, they send out signals through our bodies, which then show up as feelings.

Feelings like when our heart starts racing either because of fear or joy or love.

Or when we cry because we are said, or someone hurt us.

But how often do you cry, or do you rather hold your tears in and all the sadness that comes with it.

And then everything gets even worst. Your body is starting to react to those held in emotions and soon it develops symptoms.

First your digestion might start reacting or your cardiovascular system and then you'll see your doctor and he will tell you to take this medication and you'll be fine.

but what about the emotions that started all this?

They are still inside you and the pill you are taking is not going to get rid of it.

So, we are going in circles then, because new negative emotions come up, they won't be released so we store them even deeper down inside us. And the next health problem occurs.

I hope you see now why it is extremely important to learn how to free yourself from your negative emotions and emotional blocks.

Your life and your health depend on it.

If you are in charge of your emotions, then you are in charge of your life, that's what they say. But that doesn't mean you are able to actively free yourself from the negative emotions. You just learned how to cope with them.

I strongly encourage you to look into the possibility of SkyYourself, a method to actively release yourself from emotional blocks and negative emotions.

Everybody can learn this form of spiritual healing and it is extremely powerful. Go to my Fb page and review the latest posts and videos on SkyYourself.

Hit that restart button on your life and be happy from within.

My next Sky seminar is scheduled for the first Saturday or Sunday of November, so enough time to make arrangements.

Much love to all


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