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Fear of Failure 2

Updated: May 19, 2018

On my last blog post I linked the fear of failure to the way you get started in your life and take that first breath. And how that can already affect the way you approach things in life in your own way.

Now doing things in your own unique way is not a bad thing, but if it always holds you back in achieving your goals and make your dreams come true - that is a disappointing situation, wouldn't you agree.

While I was writing the first part of fear of failure, I realized that it is not just the fear of failure that holds us back from going forward in the right direction. What is really missing, is the love for our life.

If we would love our life completely, then there would be no fear of failure, because everything we do is done with love and where there is love there can't be no fear. But we are always comparing ourselves with everybody around us and not just that. We are watching TV and see how for example The Kardashians live and we waste time watching all these shows that show some of us how bad your life is comparing to the rich and famous. So, we come up with these dreams to become famous and rich our self, but oops then we realize that we have much too much fear inside us to really do the things that a necessary to become famous. And that makes it even harder to love our life, because all these negative emotions keep pouring in on us and we don't know where to go. We become miserable even though our life is way beyond miserable. We start seeing a psychiatrist who most likely will tell us that we are depressed, and he is going to give us some pills to make us feel better.

But do we ever ask ourselves why we feel this way in the first place.

Why can't we love our life and enjoy every minute of it?

Because we are so so focused on the outside instead of the inside. We lost the connection to our inner self and we don't listen to our heart and our gut. But we do listen to all these famous people on TV who somehow must have found the holy grail, because everything they say means so much more to us then what your friends or family or the people that live around you have to say, wouldn't you agree.

Of course, some of them are experts in their field and they do have more knowledge in their field of expertise, but do they know you. Most likely not and they don't care for you either, but the people that know you and love you, they care about you and your heart should tell you sometimes to listen to them as well.

So now you probably going to ask yourself: how can I change this?

Well, you are lucky you started reading my blog here and I hope you will continue stopping by my website, because I will help you connect yourself with your inner YOU. Become who YOU really are and not what you think you have to be based on media and other sources.

Start to love your life today, because it is a magical, precious gift and you need to be grateful for it every morning when you wake up. And it doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, healthy or ill, alone or with a partner.

With much love to you all

Alexandra - LoveLifePrinciple

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