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Inside out- Emotions are in charge

Today was a fabulous day - wouldn't that be a great affirmation or mantra to say every single day!

It defiantly would, because before we go to bed all our thoughts should be positive.

But most of the time it is the opposite. We think about all the things that went wrong or didn't turn out the way we wanted them during the course of the day.

When people come into my practice, I ask them, how did you you sleep last night and so very often I hear, I slept good, but woke about around 3:00 am and couldn't or had a hard time going back to sleep. My mind just doesn't want to shut up and I keep thinking and thinking.

Now imagine the power of thinking!

All the experts in Neuroscience agree on this, that every thought sends out energy in a certain frequency and that energy is projected out in the universe whether it's good or bad and often not very much thought after at all, but we all have such a power by just thinking the right thoughts.

ow let's go back to my statement at the top of my post: TODAY WAS A FABULOUS DAY

How does that resonate with you?

Maybe you find your own words like: today was an amazing day or today made me so happy inside out

There are so many ways to program your brain with the right impulses before you go to sleep and saying something overwhelmingly positive is one of them.

Maybe you remember what you did as a child before you fell asleep. I used to pray for everybody in my family and of course all my animals and everybody who was important to me. And I remember that made me feel real good inside and I never had trouble sleeping even though I was afraid of the dark, but my positive attitude towards everybody and the connection to God made me feel safe and secure. The advantage at this stage of life was of course the lack of a massive amount of negative emotions that rules our life in the adult phase.

So, by thinking positive thoughts before we go to bed every night, we have a tool that can lead us to a more relaxed sleep and eventually to sleeping deeply through the night. I invite all of you to try it for at least 14 days. That is always the minimum when you start implanting changes to your daily routine no matter what it is. You must give your body time to react to the change and not be disappointed if the firs week goes by and nothing happens.

Another thing you can do, if you live with someone, tell that person about your day, if possible everything good and bad. Then let your partner share his or her opinion about your day and maybe you come up with a different mantra for that day then what you have thought about it. And by doing that, you defiantly improve the communication between the two of you and you'll see where that will lead to - MORE POSITIVE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE.

If you've been following my blog, you know I'm a skycoach and teacher and I help people in the process of freeing themselves from their negative emotions and their emotional blockages. So today I gave you a small tool to start creating more happiness and positiveness into your life. I would love to hear back from you after 2 weeks of practicing an evening mantra or affirmation that you choose and repeat it to you in your mind or out loud for at least seven times or up to 108 times, which is the Tibetan way and experience how your life will change.

When you through with the 14 days and nothing changed at all, send me an email and I will offer you a 15 min skysession, in which we can work on the emotions that hold you back on proceeding forward.

I wish you all a blessed night and let your positive thoughts create more positivity in the world as they resonate with others. We are so powerful and blessed to be alive in this very present moment. Don't waste anymore thoughts on negative thinking, because it will not just affect your life in a negative, but also everybody else around you. We all can create change - we all can be happy people, because to be happy is our true nature.



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