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Fear of Failure

Updated: May 19, 2018

Today I want to start my blog post with a question: Why do we have fear of failure?

We come into this world as very precious, amazing and innocent human beings, that have no fears besides the ability for survival, but somehow when we approach adulthood, we develop all these fears inside us that lead us to the very common one, the fear of failure.

So, let's take a look at our life when it first started. We decided when it was time to get out of the security of mamas whomb and open our eyes to whatever would awaits us outside the place we were in the past 9 months. If everything went naturally, we took our first breath of oxygen and cried out loud so that mama would take care of us again and we could make that connection with her and dad and feel the love outside the womb. This is the way it should happen for all of us and our life would start as amazing as possible.

But unfortunately, this is not always the case and mom doesn't even let us decide, when it was the right time to start breathing on our own, because she is too busy working and had schedule a caesarean for that day because of her busy work schedule. And so, we start our life by being pulled out of that safe place by the doctor’s hands and maybe we were not even ready for it. That way the first fear already is stored inside your emotional body and your life starts taking a different path.

Of course, there are so many variations about how we enter this world and what happens in those precious moments afterwards. And I'm not saying, that it determines everything in your life by how you made it into it. But there sure is a difference how we prepare as a parent for the birth of our child and how much we can help this child to have a happy and fulfilled life.

Do you think a child that is born naturally, and, on the day, it was ready to start his or her life, will experience the fear of failure earlier or later or maybe not at all?

Babies make huge steps in growing, developing their brains, learning how to connect, react and try new things every single month in their first 2 years. They usually don't have any fear of failure at that point in life, but still there are differences in how fast a baby develops these skills, in how much a baby cries and how often it fails. And that often continues in life as a child grows and goes to school and experiences challenges differently because they are filtered through the emotion of failure from the start.

So now if you look back at your life, when did you experience the first time the fear of failure?

I'll be happy to help you free yourself from that emotion and push the restart button in your life.

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