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Alexandra von Waaden

Alexandra was born and lived most of her life in Germany until she moved to California in 2015. There she started to expand her knowledge in alternative healing modalities, after already becoming an AmazingGrace healer and Tibetan Healing Yoga, and Lu Jong teacher in Germany. She dedicates her life to helping others on their own healing journey, and loves teaching especially the Seraphim Blueprint modality, which she does in English and German languages. Although she is based for now in California, she also teaches in Hawaii, Europe and Sri Lanka and enjoys doing this in person, as well as online via platforms like Zoom. She also started a project in Sri Lanka, creating an organic farm and healing center to help the locals and invite foreigners to learn and grow in harmony with nature.

My Journey of Life

Here I AM


I Am awake since 2010 and I‘m not closing my eyes again.


I was a very shy child always more connected with the nature spirits and animal kingdom then humans. I always felt the urge to do something to help our beautiful planet that we call earth and I think a lot of you felt the same way when they were young or probably now even stronger.

I always felt I had a bigger purpose here on earth.

With the birth of my wonderful daughter Michelle I knew, for now, this mission was accomplished. When my son Dominick was born everything felt complete, that’s what I thought, as spirit had something else in store for me. They prepared me for something bigger, slowly and thoroughly.

After I graduated from my German high school, I became a travel agent and was able to see a lot of sacred sights early in my life, not really knowing why, but enjoying always being welcomed everywhere I went.

Again spirits were preparing me.

With motherhood, another career change happened and they started to prepare my physical body:

I became a fitness instructor, Pilates/Yoga teacher and nutritional coach.

I learned a lot about how the human body functions and how I can help on the physical level.

While my children were growing up, I could feel that voice inside me telling me again there is something more I‘m here for. So I was directed to spiritual healing and went through an internationally known program called AmazinGrace and became a certified healer.

During this 2 year course, I had my first encounter with a higher being and everything changed after that.

To tell you the truth, at first I didn’t really know what to do with it. Everything I was doing in the healing field was accelerated. People had very intense sessions with me and a lot of shifts happened on the physical and emotional level.

Locking back with the knowledge I have now, I know higher spiritual beings wanted me to do higher spiritual work, but I wasn’t ready for it. So they backed off and offered me another way.

I heard the message and moved my whole family to California in 2015.

This was the right step to take. Since I‘ve been in the US, I connected with people that helped me to achieve more clarity about my mission and in exchange, I helped them on theirs as well.

Together with Ellie Drew I founded the Global Heart Healers®, created my own healing technique which is called Global Heart Awakening and teach this around the globe.

My purpose in this lifetime on earth started to become clearer, but I wasn’t there yet.

Through another person, that I met in Hawaii and who became my dear friend, Kathrine Fisher,

I was pushed to train with Dr. Gene Ang and his Arcturian Healing method.

It took me up to level 4 to finally connect with his teachings and the higher beings, that already wanted to work with me 7 years ago. Now I’m ready for them and they are super happy that I‘m stepping out of my comfort zone and into the public eye.

I‘m starting to channel the Inter Galactics, that‘s what they call themselves and will do my portion on saving our beloved Mother Earth and humanity on the ascension path.

People already experience wonderful healings and changes in their life like never before.

The energy coming through me is highly intelligent and meets everyone exactly where they are at and what is needed for healing, higher consciousness living, creating a new life etc.

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