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Welcome to my homepage
The Health Re-creation

I am very happy that you have found your way to my page: a sign of synchronicity,

harmony with what I do and offer and what you are looking for and/or need.

To support you in finding new ways that help you maintain/improve your health

and to aid you on your spiritually journey is my calling.

My work and approach is based on a holistic approach, i.e. I see the person as a whole and not just the symptoms or diagnosed illness.

Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Where do the symptoms, discomfort, or pain in general come from?
What is the cause and what does your illness want to tell you?

If you are ready to venture deeper into your life together with me, then get in touch.
I would be very happy to have a first conversation with you.

On the following pages you can learn more and gain an insight into the different techniques

I use to get to the root of the disease and to bring about change.

Every person is unique and should be perceived as such.

I am looking forward to meeting you,


Everything in our world is based on energy and frequency.
When you experience discomfort or illness in your body, 75% of the time it comes from an energetic blockage or disharmony in your own frequency band.

This is where I can help by using different energy frequencies to dissolve blockages or bring you
back into harmony with yourself and the universe.

You will immediately feel better and your body will start the inner healing process.

Furthermore, I can guide you through a coaching process that can release emotional scars,
trauma, etc.

Take a look at my different offers for this and we can find out what is most beneficial for your
situation during a no obligation initial consultation.


I look forward to get to know you.


Have you ever wondered if you have gifts within you that you would like to discover?

Gifts that you can use to help others and also yourself?

The Seraphim Blueprint courses (6 modules in total) are an energetic healing method that will help you discover the real you and what your purpose is in this life.

You can choose to go through only the 1st level -seraphic angel healing - which provides many
"tools" to help others and yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.


The first module contains most of the energies in this regard. So it is wonderful for people who are already practicing other spiritual healing modalities.

But also for newcomers who want to work in this direction and help
people, module 1 is an optimal start.

The benefit of participating in all modules of the Seraphim Blueprint, which is an advanced
spiritual system that has existed on Earth for thousands of years, is a deepened mediation practice and heightened states of consciousness.

It helps you in achieving the best version of yourself.

According to Ruth Rendely, the founder of this modality, the system is particularly attractive
because people notice a reduction in stress and a shift in energy in their bodies when the
Seraphim installs what Ruth calls "Angelic Downloads".

Start your journey by contacting me today.

Much Love to everyone


Self-healing, harmony, balance, mindfulness are just some of the qualities that can be achieved through the practice of Lu Jong, Tibetan Healing Yoga.

This millennia-old movement teaching gives us insight into our innermost being and creates improvements in the physical, mental and energetic spheres.

The exercises are easy to learn, as my Buddhist master Tulku Lama Lobsang has modified them in such a way that any age and level of flexibility can perform them.

I have been teaching this method for 10 years and practice the 5 elements exercises and some more daily myself.

If you are interested in these exercises, you are welcome to watch my Youtube channel


to get an insight about it.
Zoom or personal classes can be held upon request.
Furthermore, I also offer YIN YOGA in this form, which for me is a big piece in the puzzle to alleviate and resolve pain especially in the back, shoulders and legs.

YINYOGA is also a form of yoga asanas, which can be performed by even untrained people, because it is passive stretching exercises everyone can go into the stretching according to his
ability, the relaxation effect is and the improvement of fascial tissue always achievable.

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