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The Health Re-creation

Health Re-Creation focuses on providing new ways in contemporary medicine that address the whole person:

 Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Whether in person or remotely, we integrate conventional and alternative healing modalities to help prevent and treat

dis-ease in all forms, injuries, and emotional wounds.


Promoting you to your optimal health is our goal as we believe in nurturing, rather than battling against the body.

Get in touch with us today to start healing your Mind, Body, and Soul. Every new contact will receive a 30 min consultation with a taste of an energy transmission.


Everything in our world is based on

energy and frequency.

When you experience discomfort or disease in your body, 75% of the time it comes from an energetic block or disharmony in your own frequency band


That is were we can help with using different energy frequencies to dissolve blocks or bring you back into harmony

with yourself and the universe.


You instantly feel better and your body starts the internal healing process.


Have you ever wondered if you have gifts within you that you would like to discover? Gifts which you can utilize to help others as well as yourself?

The Seraphim Blueprint classes are an energetic healing modality, that will help you discovering the real you and what your purpose is in this lifetime.

By going through the 6 levels of seraphic angel healing , you will achieve higher states of consciousness and deepening your meditation practice.


You receive tools that can expand your original blueprint , help others with physical and emotional problems and accelerate your on path to enlightenment.


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