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Health Re-Creation focuses on providing new ways in contemporary medicine that address the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Whether in person or remotely, we integrate conventional and alternative therapies to help prevent and treat dis-ease in all forms, injuries, and emotional wounds.  Promoting you to your optimal health is our goal as we believe in nurturing, rather than battling against the body. Get in touch with us today to start healing your mind, body, and soul.

Every new contact will receive a 15 min consultation with a taste of an energy transmission.

Private Sessions 

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First session upgrade for your whole system to receive the frequencies needed for you to start a healing journey. Activation of your DIVINE Blueprint guided by the inter ...
Arcturian Healing
55 min
Alexandra Von Waaden is a teacher of Lu Jong. Lu Jong is an ancient practice from Tibet that uses smooth movements of the body to attain a deep harmony of body, mind and ...
Lu Jong
55 min
AmazinGRACE® is an especially powerful and sensational form of spiritual healing. It is an astonishingly fast method that provides visible healing results. One can litera...
AmazinGRACE Healing Session
55 min
SkyYourself is a form of spiritual healing that works on the emotional layer of the body. It is a hands-off method, that will free yourself from negative emotions and emo...
44 min


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What my daughter experienced a traumatic event in her life that caused a psychological response and then physical reaction. As a mother, it is heart-wrenching to watch your child become so sick. This downward spiral occurred over the past six months. The events and circumstances caused a great deal of emotional grief. Over time, she began to experience panic attacks, and anxiety, so much so, she shut down and would fall asleep for hours and sometimes an entire day. She was unable to eat or drink due to swallowing issues. And, by the way, at the time, she was and has been clean and sober, as many people assumed otherwise. I knew my daughter better. I tried to help, but being her 'mothers' daughter,' she refused help at first, stating she could do this on her own. Over time, this young woman, frail, thin and what I would describe as barely breathing, reached out to me for help. I feared for her life, and our journey of healing began. Being in the medical profession myself, I was doing everything I could to assist her through traditional medicine physically and provide emotional support. As a nurse, I am a firm believer in the healing of the whole body. The holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit is imperative to optimal health. I could see my daughter's spirit diminish in every aspect of her life. I reached out to a very close friend and asked for help through a group of ‘healers.’ She referred me to Alexandria, and without hesitation, she reached out to my daughter and me, immediately. Absolutely a godsend, I am sure of this miracle. Thus, began our healing process. Alexandria has never met my daughter in person, only through pictures and conversation did she work with her. The two of them talked about the situation and environment in which she was living and her symptoms. Through many conversations or sessions, she talked with my daughter and provided healing options through the universe, dimensionally and through her soul spiritually. After just a few weeks of spiritual healing both her physical and mental state began to improve. She is smiling, calm, and has a clarity that has allowed her to move forward in a positive direction. Her 'physical self' continues to detox as the physical reaction turned into severe food allergies that she had not had before the series of traumatic events. We still have some healing to do, but we are on the mend. She is back to living, singing, playing her musical instruments and ready to start college. I believe that without Alexandria, I might have lost my daughter completely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you and keep you as you are an angel from heaven. Marisa and Kaylah (Mom and daughter)s this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Marisa and Kaylah

 Thanks so much for the amazing healing you shared with me.  I can't believe how much I have healed and how quickly the transformations have occurred!  After 15 years of desperately seeking every form of healing I could find, you took care of it immediately--how miraculous!  The rib that was visibly out of place gently came back into alignment and finally gave me the freedom to take a deep breath without pain and constriction.  Thank you so much for the incredible work you do!  Not only am I pain-free for the first time that I can remember, it has enhanced my yoga and meditation practice.  Yesterday, my instructor noted that she could tell I was accessing my 3rd eye during meditation, which was possible because I finally had a clear path for the energy to travel through my spine!  Truly amazing!

R. Cruz

I had an accident years ago where I injured my back and since that my posture developed the way you can see on the left picture. I was in a lot a pain often and I took the chance of getting a healing session from Alexandra, while she was assisting the AmazinGRACE training on Hawaii.
I knew that this healing technique was powerful, but I didn't expect such a big change in one session.
I feel like Alexandra worked a miracle on 
me, because all the pain is gone and my posture is so much better.
I'm very grateful for this healing and recommend it to everybody. Thank you 

Suni Reedy

I met Alexandra aka Alexandra at the Chicago Pyramid Conference who was one of the healers. I am very intuitively gifted, registered nurse and medical IT consultant. During the conference my intuition told me to go to where all the healers were located. The only healer present at this specific time was Alexandra who told me she specializes in correcting spinal issues without having to physically manipulate the spine but done all energetically with her healing ability. I had minor scoliosis (lateral curve of the spine) my entire life that got exacerbated with a back injury over 12 years ago from muscles tightening up. Even though I recovered 100% from the back pain, I constantly had to stretch to keep my back muscles loose due to the scoliosis. Alexandra's healing session was 1 hour long, and, in that time, I can best explain the feeling with only her hands gently placed on me as my spine feeling like it turned to plastic and was being re-molded. Strange feeling yet 100% painless. I also had the feeling of being in an egg during this session of which Alexandra said this was part of the healing process and what I was feeling was all that many other clients of her have also stated. At the end of the session, my back felt different, yet Alexandra said it may take a few weeks for it to entirely correct itself and advised against doing anything that could jar my back such as white-water rafting or mountain biking. I was advised to take a salt bath that night and simply take it easy for a few a week or two which I did. Alexandra followed up with me by phone a few times over the next two weeks at no extra charge to see how I was doing, and I was happy to report that my back has never felt this good and I do not need to stretch nearly as often as I did in the past. My back feels great. 
Thank you, Alexandra,…an incredible human being with a true healing gift.
I am more than grateful for how you have helped my spine and back pain to heal up 100%.

Scott Filling

 Inter GalacticMy name is Anita. I am a psychic medium and energy healer in Chicago.  I have done multiple sessions with Alexandra.  Most recently we had an Inter Galatic session.  You can feel her work began the moment
shestart speaking to you. I am sure the sensations are different for everyone, but a common sensation is tingling or heat in your body.  I could feel pressure at different points during the session. At the end of the session she revealed she was working on these specific points in my body. Afterwards I felt pretty good. The next day I felt absolutely invincible and my thirst for water could not be quenched. She advised that this was a cleansing. The next day my body cleansed itself and purged waste. I felt weak and drained this day. Now it is the third day since my session and I am feeling better. I am receiving downloads and information from what I believe to be the Arcturian guides. I know I will continue to adjust to this energy and healing. I highly recommend this to t!
 those who welcome the next level of consciousness.


I received 2 AmazinGRACE healing sessions from Alexandra and was extremely surprised, how my life changed afterwards.
I've been seeing Psychiatrists and doctors for years, but nothing really helped me.
I used to get anxiety attacks, 
couldn't travel in buses and had a lot of other health issues. But after my first session, it felt as if Alexandra released all the negativity out of my body and I felt free and happy.
I went to see my psychiatrist a few days afterward and I didn't know what to tell him, because I just felt good.
My relationship with my fiancée became a lot easier and better and he is enjoying life with me much more.
Afterthesecondsession I felt as all my energy came back and I restarted my life like I' m in a new body. The sessions were really intense but brought so much clarity and I'm very thankful to Alexandra for helping me being in charge of my life again.


Ingrid E.

financial adviser

I never felt good when I came home to my apartment. I couldn't sleep well, and I always felt exhausted. So, Alexandra suggested that a Clearing of my Home would change things.
So I made an appointment with her and that afternoon a could already feel a difference felt like this is my home for the first time. I slept great that night, no headaches in the morning and no waking up in the middle of the night. I' m so thankful for that and I feel like my life is getting easier each day now.


Carmen H.

Music teacher at a high school in Germany

Alexandra did the clearise on my parents’ house and even though the water is a new well we could taste the difference in the water immediately.  The night of the clearise I fell asleep with my daughter at 8 pm and I slept like the dead!  The most remarkable improvement is in my father, he was in a terrible accident a few weeks earlier and had been starting to slip into depression as he recovered from his injuries and the clearise seemed to turn his mood around.  He is back on track to healing and the depression is gone!  Thanks so much Alexandra... we'll have to clearise my house upon my return.

Cassandra Bach

Owner of mindful conception from Ottawa, Canada

Alexandra did the clearise of my house back in September 2015 including our cars as well and the new energy felt really great. I remember that she said with this clearising process the house would receive some kind of protection and I didn't really know how good this worked until just recently. Because the other week I must have forgotten to lock my car and in the morning, I saw that someone had been in there, but nothing was taken not even the change I keep in the car. I didn't think too much of it until my neighbor’s car got stolen from in front of her house just a few days after that.
So now I know how good this protection works.
Thank you so 
much Alexandra and I recommend this one-time clearising to everyone who wants to have a great atmosphere at home, tabwater in healing source quality and protection from anything negative. 

Shirley Hadley


"I had a sky session with Alexandra and was amazed at how powerful it was and how quickly energy shifted. Literally could feel dissolution as it happened. The resulting feeling of lightness and freedom is a gift. I highly recommend this work as it is effective, quick and easy. Alexandra is very empathic and caring and a master at her work.


Anni Stephany

CEO/Owner of, open your heart